Embrace the elegance of our Burnished Face Cast Stone, meticulously crafted to perfection. These exquisite units are the result of a meticulous process, involving the removal of a thin surface layer to unveil the subtle aggregates within the cast stone. The transformation continues as they are expertly ground and polished, allowing you to choose between a glossy shine or a honed matte finish.

Whether it’s corporate, educational, healthcare, hospitality, multi-family, municipal, or retail projects, the versatility of our Burnished Face Cast Stone ensures its seamless integration into diverse architectural endeavors. Visit our projects page to view real-life application.

Rest assured, these units meet the rigorous ASTM C1364 specifications, guaranteeing their structural integrity. They also feature integral water repellent (IWR) technology, offering additional protection against moisture and environmental factors.

Available in a variety of sizes to cater to both structural and veneer needs, our Burnished Face Masonry Cast Stone offers flexibility tailored to your project’s specific requirements. Choose our Burnished Face Stone to elevate your architectural creations with timeless elegance and precision craftsmanship.

Burnished Face / Finish Architectural Stone

Block Colors and Textures

Actual Burnished Face cast stone colors may vary from current production runs. Always contact a Johnson Concrete Products sales representative for samples. Our color lab is available to work with clients in creating custom colors and matches. Click on the swatch color below to view a larger image.


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